Electrolysis Wolverhampton

Penn Laser Clinic is pleased to be able to offer Electrolysis as an alternative to its Laser and IPL treatments.

Electrolysis is an affordable effective treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. All skin types and all hair colours can be treated. The treatment consists of a very fine sterilized needle being inserted into the hair follicle which is a natural opening in the skin. The skin is not pierced or broken. Once the needle is inserted a small amount of electrical current is released around the papilla. This generates a small amount of heat that loosens the hair that can then be removed easily (not plucked) with tweezers.

The papilla is a tiny capillary from which the hair grows from, the heat from the electrolysis treatment causes small amounts of damage to the capillary that impairs future growth. The blood supply to the hair slowly diminishes which causes subsequent hair growth to be finer.

All electrolysis treatments are performed by a qualified Electrologist with over 15 years experience.


Consultation = free

15 minute treatment = £15.00

30 minute treatment = £25.00

60 minute treatment = £50.00

Skin Tag Removal = From £15.00

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